Introducing the MAGICAL Storybook Set Course

One of the most lucrative online business opportunities today... providing parents, educators, and caregivers with educational and entertainment materials for kids.

The children's storybook and educational niche is a booming industry, continually expanding.

Now You Too Can Join This Exciting World & Build a Business Providing Passive & Recurring Income!

Our Magical Storybook Set Course is your gateway to creating an enchanting world of imagination and learning for children & making life easier for parents, educators & caregivers
With our comprehensive training, you'll have the tools and knowledge to craft captivating children's storybook sets that will entertain and educate young minds
With detailed, step-by-step, over-the-shoulder video training, checklists, worksheets, & prompts, you'll be able to create a complete product in just a few hours!

Module 1: Story Idea & Basics

How to generate captivating children's story ideas.
Crafting an engaging title and writing your story quickly.
Creating title, copyright, and back cover pages efficiently.

Module 2:
Creating illustrations that complement your story.

Module 3:
Designing an attractive and eye-catching cover for your book.

Module 4:
Combining your illustrations and text into an attractive book.

Module 5:
Creating engaging coloring pages based on your story.

Module 6:
Producing a captivating video and audio version of your story.

Module 7:
Create a catchy and thematic song with video and audio.


Module 8:

Step by-step instructions to help you set up a free store and sales cart to sell your creations.

Module 9: 

Strategies & tips So You Can Promote your storybook sets effectively.

Trackable Progress!

The course is structured to ensure you complete each module with a finished project, ready to move on to the next.

By the end of Module 7,
you'll have a complete product ready for sale!

Learn How To Create and Sell Your Own Multidimensional Storybook Sets with Our Step-by-Step Training Program

 Adventure, Creativity, Learning & Profitability in One!

Create Magical Storybook Sets packed with goodies to create a love for storytelling,  reading & creativity. With an enchanting illustrated storybook, a video book that brings the tale to life, audio for listening fun, cool coloring pages, and a catchy song...

Booming, evergreen niche

Tap into a thriving, multibillion-dollar niche, creating products that are always in demand.

Valuable Service:

Provide top-notch educational and entertainment materials that parents, educators, and caregivers are actively seeking.

Learn to create a complete product, ready for sale, in just a few hours

Say goodbye to spending days on product creation; with our techniques, you'll have products ready to sell in just a few hours.

Pride in Business:

Build a business that's not only profitable, but also fulfilling and something you'll be excited to tell others about.


Enjoy the freedom to work when and where you want, all while building a business that provides a steady income stream.

Opportunity to Grow:

Not only will you learn how to create a children's book set, but you'll also gain the skills to create sets for teens, adults, cartoons, and more. 

The possibilities for creativity and growth are endless!

Experience the Magic of Story telling with Our Enchanting Storybook Set - Fun, Creativity, and Learning in One!

Immerse Your Child in a World of Wonder!
With Lily's Secret Garden Adventure, your child will not only have hours of fun, but also develop important skills such as imagination, creativity, and listening comprehension.

Introducing "Lily's Secret Garden Adventure: A Journey of Friendship and Kindness" – the captivating children's book that will transport your little ones to a world of wonder and imagination!

Join Lily on an extraordinary adventure as she unlocks the mysterious door to a hidden garden. Behind it lies a magic world brimming with talking animals, where the power of friendship and kindness rule supreme.

In this enchanting tale, children will embark on a journey filled with heartwarming encounters and valuable life lessons. From the wise owl, the friendly squirrel, the kind-hearted bunny, to the playful butterfly who imparts the value of teamwork, Lily's encounters with these lovable creatures will leave an indelible mark on young hearts.

Join Lily on her awesome adventure and discover the power of kindness, friendship and understanding, as well as treating others with love and respect!

This delightful story is not only an enchanting escape for children, but also an invaluable tool for parents and educators.

"Lily's Secret Garden Adventures" is the perfect place to chat about sharing, kindness, teamwork, and the importance of treating others with respect.

The vibrant illustrations will captivate your child's imagination, while the enchanting storyline will leave them eagerly turning pages.

Perfect for children aged 4-6, "Lily's Secret Garden Adventures" is a timeless tale that will inspire and entertain young readers for generations to come.

Whether enjoyed during story time, bedtime, on the road, or as a cherished gift, this enchanting book is destined to become a beloved treasure in your child's library.

Make storytime extraordinary with This Magical Storybook Set.

Lilys Secret Garden Adventure

Order Lily's Secret Garden Adventure Magical Storybook Set Now and Create Unforgettable Memories!

Meet The Team

Marlene & Michelle

We're a mom (Marlene) and daughter (Michelle) team who enjoy being creative together! We love color, cooking and creating all kinds of everything that can bring joy to people’s lives.

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